Ernesto De Pascale has been collecting records since 1971 when he was 13 years old. Here's a selection of singles offered to you through "Il Popolo Del Blues" web site, selected by Ernesto De Pascale, introduced by some general selection on buying, selling, values, etc:

About 45s:

When 45s were originally purchased they usually had manufacturer's paper sleeves. 45s with these original manufacturer's sleeves have a slightly higher value. If you don't have any sleeves on your 45s shame on you. This is critical for resale and it is one of the first questions a dealer will ask.  

Some 45s were issued with picture covers. If you have 45s with original picture covers the records (with the covers) are usually worth two or three times the normal value of the 45 (in excellent condition) by itself.
Almost all rock and roll and rhythm and blues 45s with picture covers from the1950s (even the most popular records and artists) have values that exceed $10.00 per record. Some have values over $100!  
EPs (45s with 4, 5 or 6 songs) were popular items in the 1950s. They were almost always sold with hard cardboard covers similar to LPs. If you have EPs and they are missing the original jacket, then the price will be greatly diminished.
If you have rock and roll and rhythm and blues EPs (with original covers) from the 1950s and early 1960s in excellent condition you really do have a goldmine. Some of these items have values that exceed $1000 per record!  

About LPs:

LPs have always been sold with hard cardboard covers. If your LPs don't have covers, don't expect any value.  

About CDs:

Lastly CDs are sold with inserts. Don't lose them!

Condition is paramount.  

Most records were played and enjoyed. Records were taken to parties, passed around and handled a lot. Sleeves were often lost for 45s and conditions
deteriorated. If you have popular artist (Beatles, Beach Boys, Ames Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, etc) records (45s or LPs) from the 1950s through 1980s and they are in noticeably used) condition (scratches, marks, heavy writing on label, grey colour plastic, etc.) they have very little value LPs can be in noticeably used condition on both the record and the cover.
The more writing on the cover of an LP the less the value. Obviously if the cover is damaged or noticeably used, the value will be poor 

Dealers that carry them often sell (at record shows) used 45s described above for $1.00 or less each. LPs are often sold for $2.00 to $4.00. See below for what dealers pay for such used records

The best value on obviously used records described above is not what money they will fetch but the enjoyment you can still get from them continuing to play them, enjoying the music and remembering the moments

Scarcity determines value  
During the height of the record era from the early 1960s through the 1970s record companies in the USA produced and released more than 10,000 differerent records every year! Of these, only about 200 single records and another 200 LPs were charted in the top 30 and were played regularly on popular radio  
Generally speaking the records that people bought most (the 400 mentioned previously) have the least value. And the other 9,600 records have more value.  
In the 1950s and in the early 1960s (before the Beatles) teens purchased records they heard on the radio in 45 RPM format they wanted the song not necessarily the artist. However every record company issued LPs by their most popular teen artists (e.g. Crystals, Frankie Ford, Bill Haley, Isley Brothers, etc) in the 1950s and 1960s even if they didn't sell well at the time. Because these LPs are relatively rare, they now command big prices. Even the most popular teen / rock and roll LPs from 1954 to 1963 often sell for $50 or more when in excellent condition (record and cover) and if they are in stereo you can quadruple the price.  
Even rarer are Rhythm & Blues LPs from the 1950s. The (often small) record companies that issued these LPs had relatively poor distribution, and the main buyers of R & B records didn't have much money in the 1950s. Many were issued with only 1000 copies pressed. Such LPs now sell at prices exceeding $1000 per copy when in excellent condition. 

Stereo vs Mono (This is really a sub-section of scarcity)
Record companies have been recording in stereo since the early 1950s 
All 45s manufactured by all labels after 1970 were pressed in stereo.
However many labels selectively pressed 45s in stereo between 1957 and 1970. These early stereo 45s (especially 1950s) have values up to 10 times the mono releases.  
Almost all LPs manufactured by all labels after 1970 were pressed in stereo. However many labels selectively pressed LPs in stereo after 1954.
Early stereo LPs (especially 1950s) have values up to 4 times the mono releases.
History is important  
History doesn't mean age of the record. Does the record itself have a history?  
Items with high values are often records that fill spots in a historical era some examples:  

The roots of country music (early 30s and 40s country artists often called "hillbilly."  

The history of rock and roll (early (1948-1955) R & B or rockabilly),  

Girl groups of the 1960s,  

Motown (early Berry Gordy productions on UA label, or other not so popular Motown releases),  

New York in the 1950s (Original Cast LPs),  

Hollywood in the 1960s (Sound Track LPs),  

The history of electric guitar (early Les Paul), or, 

Just to complete a collection on a certain artist (early Jan and Dean on Arwin label or 1970s records on the Ode label), Frank Sinatra (on Columbia) etc.

Many people think that the older the record, the more it is worth this is not always the case.   
On 78s for instance, the last 78s pressed in the late 1950s (rock and roll items in particular) often fetch the highest prices. Other 78s of significant value include Rhythm and Blues records of the 1950s and earlier especially on small obscure labels and hillbilly (very early country) records of the 1930s and 1940s.  
Rhythm and Blues 45s (any manufacturer, but the more obscure the label the better) from 1948 through 1959 traditionally have the the highest value of all collected records. There are lots with with values over $100 and many over $1000. A few have sold for more than $10,000!

High prices require buyers willing to pay high prices  

Want to sell your used 8 Track tapes? Do you know a buyer for 8 Tracks?
Probably not. So your 8 Track tapes have no "book" or "appraisal" value.  

No matter what recorded product you own (except 8 Tracks) there are buyers out there for what you have that determine its "book", or "appraised price." Its just like so many other items, if there are a lot of buyers,
the price goes up not so many, the price will be low. Few of the records on the marketplace, the price goes up lots for sale, the price goes down.

This is what price guides are for.

Value / Selling Prices / Dealer Buying Prices  

Book value or appraised price of any item whether its a car, a house, jewelery, an old Barbie doll, antique tin soldiers or records does not necessarily always mean the selling price you are going to get. Its a guide for an approximate value only. In order to get the same selling price you must find a buyer willing to pay the same price.  

If you are planning to sell your items to a dealer here is an important item to remember generally, the higher the book value, the higher percent a dealer will usually pay for your items. On very high priced items (>$1000) you can often get 50% or more. The percent continually decreases as the "book" price gets lower. This is the same with every type of collectible, not just records.  

Il Popolo Del Blues could purchase your 45 RPMs and LP s if you wish to sell them. All 45s and LPs we purchase must be brand new, in original manufacturer's paper sleeves. If you have a quantity of 400 or more to sell, please send us a list. 45s and LPs are the only records collectible we purchase.  

If you want to get the absolute best price from a dealer, ensure you contact the dealers that specialize exactly in the the type(s) of records you are selling. There are mail-order specialists for every type of format (45s, 78s, LPs, Edison cylinders, etc) and specialists for every type of category (rock & roll, reggae, soundtracks, jazz, etc). The specialists know the customers that will pay the most for what you want to sell them and as a result can offer you the best price. The Record and CD Collector's Directory will provide full details on more than 800 such contacts.

Sorry, we cannot tell you if a unique item you own is listed in one of the books about rare records.

Here the records' list.
This is a set sale.
All records graded strictly.
All prices in U.S. currency.
Shipping varifies from country to country
You can contact Il Popolo Del Blues for further info at :

Vinile in vendita

Allison Mose
Mose alive! - Edsel 153 - M/M
£ 30.000

Allman Bros band
The road goes on forever, copia italiana - Capricorn CPLA216161 VG/VG
£ 30.000

Arbeit Macht Frei - ristampa su lp con cartonato pistola - Get LP 5101 - S/S
£ 30.000

Arthur Lee
(Love) - same, 1981 Beggars Banquet BEGA 26 - M/M
£ 35.000

Artisti Vari
From spirtual to swing, legendary 38-39 Carnagie hall concert (2 lp, stampa italiana, tardi anni sessanta) Vanguard SVAL 33.022/23 - VG/EX
£ 60.000

I successi dell’estate 1964 con P.Anka, S.Vartan, C.Rich, H.Blaine, N.Sedaka, P.March, D.Eddy, A.Barriere, LosIndios Tabajaras -RCA LPM 10139 - M/M

Artisti Vari
Love, Peace & Potery, american psychedelic music, coloured vinyl Q.D.K. Media - S/S
£ 30.000

Artisti Vari
Parata d’estate con B.Solo, C.Spaak, D.Powell, O.Vanoni, E.Pericoli, G.Gaber, W.Goich, i fratelli Ihle, Roberto Rangone - Ricordi MRL 6038 - M/M

Artisti Vari
Today’s hits con M.Martino, N.Sedaka, P.Prado, S.Cooke, L.Chakachas, C.Valente, J.Restivo, D.Reese, The Browns, R.Clooney - RCA LPM — 10091 - M/M
£ 60.000

Artisti Vari
Wattstax; the living world - 2 lp - Stax STX 88007 EX/M
£ 60.000

Artisti Vari
"That’s The way I Feel Now" - tribute to Monk- copia olandese A&M AMLM66600 - M/M
£ 25.000

Alive & well (originally on bluesway bls 6031) ABC RecordsABCD 819 EX/EX
£ 30.000

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Brand new day with David Clayton Thomas - cut out ABC AB — 1015 - S/S
£ 15.000

Dylan Bob
Blood on the tracks — collana d’agostini, italia - CBS 69097 - VG/VG
£ 10.000

il meglio di Bob Dylan, n.1—it.only special edition never seen elsewhereCBS 62847 G/VG
£ 30.000

il meglio di Bob Dylan, n.2—it.only special edition never seen elsewhereCBS 62911VG/EX
£ 35.000

Canned Heat
One more river to cross, copia italiana-Atlantic K 50028(SD 7289) G/EX

Charlie Mingus
Blues & Roots - copia americana stereo Atlantic SD 1305 M/EX
£ 20.000

One - copia italiana Atlantic W 50201 EX/EX
£ 15.000

Shoes of the fisherman’s wife CBS 460822 1 - EX/EX
£ 15.000

Charlie Musselwhite
Memphis, Tenneesse (or press. on Paramount, 1970) Crosscut CCR 1008 EX/EX

Clapton Eric
Timepieces, the best of E.C.,copia italiana (w.Knockin’on) RSO 294303 - F/G
£ 5000

Timepieces vol",live in the seventies, copia italiana - RSO 811835 - F/G
£ 5000

No reason to cry , copia italiana RSO 2394 172 A - G/G
£ 10.000

Another ticket, copia italiana, written on cover RSO 2394295 - F/G
£ 5000

Journeyman — cover has some water damage - Reprise 926074-1 - G/VG
£ 15.000

Cocker Joe
Joe cocker with a little help from my friends, copia it., water dam. - Phonog 2635002L - F/F
£ 10.000

Mad dogs & englishman, copia italiana, - A&M SLAM 2/47.002/3 - G/F
£ 10.000

jamaica say you will, copia italiana - RCA TPL1-7064 - G/G
£ 10.000

Stingray, copia italiana, written on the cover - A&M SLAM 64574 - F/F
£ 5000

Coleman Ornette
The Shape Of Jazz To Come - copia americana - Atlantic SD 1317 - M/M
£ 20.000

The story of, copia italiana,liner notes in italian - 2 lp - RSO 2658127 - F/VG
£ 15.000

David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust - copia italiana - best buy series - RCA YL 13843 - EX/EX
£ 15.000

Deep Purple
Made in japan, copia italiana, laminated gold jacket - EMI 154-93915/16 - G/F
£ 10.000

Demetrio Stratos
Metrodora - ristampa 1999 - GET LP 5206 - SS
£ 30.000

Dr. John
I been Hoodood - excerpts from "Right place" & "desitevely bonaroo" Edsel ED128 - EX/EX
£ 25.000

Dalton Kathy
Amazing - First pressing, different cover from second pressing, still sealed - Discreet-W.B. 1973 - MS2168 - S/S
£ 45.000

Fotheringay - english reissue - Hannibal HNBL 4426 - M/M
£ 30.000

Frank Zappa
Rare meat, early production Of Frank Zappa - Del Fi RNEP 064 - EX/EX
£ 40.000

Blues Obituary - ristampa - Imperial Stereo LP - 12452 - VG/EX
£ 30.000

Janis Joplin
Janis — colonna sonora — copia italiana - mono - CBS 88115 - 2 lp - G/G
£ 30.000

Jimmy Smith
Peter & the wolf and the incredible J.S. - Verve V-8652 - EX/VG
£ 40.000

John Coltrane
Giant steps - copia europea serie "That’s Jazz" - Atlantic ATL 50 239 - VG/EX
£ 15.000

Live at Village Vanguard Again Impulse IMPL 5058 VG/VG

John Hammond
Mirrors - cut out ristampa Vanguard stereo VSD 79245 - EX/EX
£ 30.000

John Lee Hooker
Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive- copia americana,Pickwick SPC 3634 - EX/EX
£ 20.000

John Mayall’s bluesbreakers
Crusade - copia italiana con note in italiano-Decca StereoSKLI4890 - VG/VG
£ 40.000

Johnny Winter
First winter(buddah recordings ) copia inglese RIFI BDS-ST 78009 - G/G
£ 10.000

The progressive blues experiment — copia italiana Ricordi ORL 8156 - G/G
£ 10.000

Lou Reed
Rock & Roll Animal - rca italiana - RCA APL1 — 0472 stereo - VG/VG

Lynn Hughes
Freeway Gipsy Fontana USA SRS 67611 EX/EX

Matching Mole
Matching Mole - copia olandese - CBS S 64850 - EX/EX
£ 40.000

Moving Sidewalks
Flash - ristampa, reissue - Tantara st ts 6919 - EX/EX
£ 15.000

Muddy waters
Folk singers - no cover — copia europea - Chess - EX
£ 10.000

Otis Redding
The Great O.R. sings Soul Ballads- copia canadese - Atco SD 33 248 - EX/EX
£ 25.000

Reverend Gatemouth Moore
After twenty one years (promo copy) -Bluesway BLS 6074 - VG/EX
£ 40.000

Riddle Nelson
Music for wives and lovers, italian copy - Solid State IT UAS 18013 - S/S
£ 45.000

Robert Johnson
King Of The Delta Blues singers,vol.1 USA Columbia Cl 1654 S/S

King Of The Delta Blues Singers, vol.2 - USA Col PC 30034 - S/S
£ 45.000

Robert Wyatt
End Of An Ear - copia inglese - CBS 31846 - EX/EX
£ 40.000

Rolling Stones
Made in the shade - copia italiana - Ricordi COC 59014(79102) - G/G
£ 10.000

Roosvelt Sykes
Dirty Double Mother - Bluesway BLS 6077 - VG/EX
£ 40.000

Rory Gallagher
Against the Grain - copia italiana - Chrysalis CHR 1098 - VG/VG
£ 25.000

Calling card — copia italiana - Chrysalis CHR 1124 VG/VG

In the begininning—copia it.— nastro adesivo - bordo alto Ariston AR/LP12146 - G/G

Irish Tour ’74 -copia tedesca - Chrysalis 66419728CTY1256 - VG/VG

Jinx — copia italiana - Chrysalis CHR 1259 - G/G

Photo finish — copia italiana - Chrysalis 6307 062 - G/G
£ 10.000

Stage struck — copia italiana - Chrysalis CHR 1280 - VG/G
£ 20.000

Top Priority — copia italiana - Chrysalis 6307 669 - G/G
£ 10.000

Sly & The Family Stone
Dance To The Music - copia taiwanese - CSJ 976 - VG/VG
£ 30.000

Greatest Hits - copia americana - Epic KE 30325 - VG/VG
£ 30.000

There’s A Riot Going On - ristampa inglese Edsel XED 165 - VG/VG
£ 15.000

Soft Machine
Fourth - CBS S 64280 - EX/EX
£ 25.000

Third ( 2 lp ) - copia italiana, foto interna in bianco e nero - CBS S 66246 - EX/EX
£ 50.000

Volume Two - copia italiana, serie orizzonte, Ricordi ORL 8663( CPLP 4505 ) - EX/EX
£ 25.000

Teruo Nakamira
Quiet Sun - featuring Lonnie Smith & Steve Grossman Polydor - PD 1 6097 - EX/EX
£ 20.000

Wilson Pickett
The Wicked Pickett - (black centrino) - Atlantic 8138 - VG/VG

Wilson Pickett’s greatest hits - Atlantic SD 2-501 0698 - EX/EX
£ 35.000

Bodybeat - prima stampa indie - Body 002 - EX/EX
£ 20.000

Young Neil
Comes a Time — copia italiana - Reprise WB 54099 - G/G
£ 10.000

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