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Bob Margolin with Mike Sponza Band – Blues around the World

1 ottobre 2012 by Luca Lupoli in Dischi, Recensioni


A dangerous couple: re-known US guitarist Bob Margolin met Italian guitar axe Mike Sponza who confesses, in the liner notes that Margolin was on the first LP (Muddy Mississippi Waters Live) he ever bought.  The result is golden contemporary Chicago Blues with a European flavour that many saw on tour in Summer 2012.

No need to tell the average Blues-head who Bob Margolin is.  He was part of the Muddy Waters Band for many years, nothing less than that.  His name is engraved in Blues history. Subsequently, he started a fruitful solo career enriched by many guest appearances with almost everybody linked in one way or another to contemporary Chicago Blues: his slide-guitar solos put systematically audience on fire.  Mike is younger. He is one of those European boys who fell in love with the Blues listening to Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson and so on. He has been the successful initiator of the East-European Blues vague, through which several talented musicians emerged.  If not the first European musician to do that, for sure the most serious in pursuing such an itinerary with a number of very interesting CDs.  Sponza is a terrific guitar player in his own right.  Supposedly, the duet Margolin-Sponza works better live than on this CD in which Margolin’s songs and vocals – not exactly his best side – are predominant.   Then, you get great guitar solos from these two masters and a bunch of convincing songs, especially those with Sponza’s signature, with the exception of the opening “Lost Again”.  Drummer Moreno Buttinar has a few peers in Europe and bass player Mauro Tolot is solid as a rock; together they provide Margolin and Sponza with outstanding rhythm backing.  Their live concerts should have been a lot of fun.

Luca Lupoli

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