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Il Popolo del Blues, scaletta di domenica 22/01/2017

23 gennaio 2017 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio, zuzzu

Ernesto De Pascale, Massimo Altomare, Roberto Terzani -Savoir Faire
Betta Blues Society – Don’t pray for me
Amanda Tosoni & Andrea Caggiari – St.Louis Blues
Joel Zoss – Have you seen my rider
John Coltrane – Grand Central
Howe Gelb – Terribly so
Sven Zetterberg – These kind of blues
Jono Manson – Brother’s keepers
James Hunter Six – (Baby) Hold on
John Lee Hooker – Annie Mae
The Devil Makes Three – I gotta get drunk
Jonah Tolchin – Thousand mile night
Liz Mc Comb – Time is now
Trey Johnson & Jason Willmon – When the money runs out
Stanley Brinks and the Old Time Kaniks – Ten in the morning
Billy Flynn – First age of the blues
Slim Butler – Junk in the trunk
Nick Waterhouse – Straight love affair
Rolling Stones – Just your fool
Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden – Let’s boogie