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Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins – Naked in Your Face

2 luglio 2017 by Luca Lupoli in Dischi, Recensioni

(7-14 Productions)

L’incisione dal vivo del cantante chitarrista collaboratore di Otis Taylor con ottimi risultati

Recorded live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in September 2015, this album is the long-awaited live effort from Eddie Turner, one of the most brilliant guitar players and singers of the last twenty years, who spent a large part of that time with Denver-guru Otis Taylor, a trademark of originality in himself. Critics mentioned Randy California and Jimi Hendrix as his major inspirations but, all in all, Eddie Turner’s sound is very personal and eclectic. He has not recorded much but his records are usually plenty of blues-oriented good music, more rock than Blues indeed. Otis Taylor’s somber atmospheres are never too far, yet Turner is more essential, funkier and rhythmically nervous on guitar as well as on vocals. Turner also crafts nice songs without abusively recurring to twelve bars blues standards. Regrettably, this album has two flaws: first, some songs are inexplicably too long, maybe the result of a poor production process and secondly the female vocal performances on Mistreated and Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood manage to leave the listener flabbergasted. The best part of this concert was the possessed, skyrocketing Turner’s solos like in Dangerous, where he leaves at the post many of the current rock guitar heroes. The rhythm section, bass player Anna Lisa Hughes and drummer Kelly Kruse well supported Turner in his long rides. This album will further consolidate Turner’s reputation with out-of-sight, groovy guitar players.

Luca Lupoli

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