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Il Popolo del Blues – Scaletta di giovedì 8 marzo 2018

8 marzo 2018 by pdb in Programma radio

Hypnodance – King of the Night

The Blues Queen – Down by the Riverside

Michele Biondi – Apple Pie

Gregg  Allman – I Love the Life I Live

Chis Hillman – Here She Comes Again

Steve Winwood – Can’t Find My Way Home

Joan Baez & Indigo Girls – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

Joan Osborne – Tangled Up in Blue

Beppe Gambetta – Jamin-a

Red Wine – Stealin’ Peaches

Ricky Scraggs & Peter Rowan – Lost And I’ll Never Find the Way

The New Appalachians – Susanna Gal

Sid Peacock & Ruth Angell – She Moved Through The Fair

Steve Tllston – Grass Days

Extraliscio – Alla femata

Bobby Soul & Blind Bonobos – Osho si è fermato a Uscio



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