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Il Popolo del Blues – scaletta di giovedì 13/12/18

14 dicembre 2018 by pdb in Programma radio

Ospite Rick Hutton


Billy F Gibbons – Missin’ Yo’ Kissin’

Fairfield Four (nella foto) – Jesus Gave Me Water

Charles Bradley – Stay Away

The Staples Singers – Stand by me

Paolo Bonfanti – I’m Just Tryin’

The Dublin Gospel Choir – You and Me

Ural Thomas – Slow Down

Wade Walton – Rooster Blues

Max de Bernardi – Pig Meat

Birdsong of The Mesozoic & Oral Moses – I’m a Rollin’

Wiĺliam Clarke – Lollipop Man

Soggy Bottom Boys – Man of a Constant Sorrow

Taj Mahal – Living Trunk

Preacher & The Saints – Jesus Rhapsody part 1

Altomare De Pascale Terzani – Il treno dell’anima


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