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Il Popolo del Blues, scaletta di giovedì 23/01/2020

29 gennaio 2020 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Ospiti Bruno Casini e Giampiero Bigazzi

Ernesto De Pascale – Subway to the west country

Sensation’s Fix – Music is Painting in the Hair

Diaframma – Illusione Ottica

Lightshine – Let’s Get Four Funky Steps

Adrian Crowley – Some Blue Morning

John Moreland – Sallisaw Blue

Alcool – Situation

Zeit – Una Danza Infinita

Avida – La Bustina

Bob Dylan – Corinna Corinna

Ari Hest – How we’ll always be

Bettye Lavette – Stop

The Chapin Sisters – Angeleno

Echo Bloom – Leaving Charleston

Yusuf – Cat & The Dog Trap

John Doe – A Little Help

William Elliot Whoitmore – Healing To Do

Stone Cupid – Shed my skin

Boz Scaggs – mixed up, shook up girl

Bonnie Raitt – Fearless Love

Cream – white room

Steve Earle – Baby’s just as mean as me