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Il Popolo del Blues, scaletta di giovedì 21/05/2020

21 maggio 2020 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Ospite Cesare Ferioli dei Dirty Hands
Dedicato a Sandro Petrone

Ernesto De Pascale – Lost Hollywood

Dirty Hands – Honey I’m Home

Dirty Hands – Back Scratcher

Dirty Hands – One More Nite

Dirty Hands – Shake Your Hips

Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul

Sandro Petrone – Sui Sassi Piatti

Stone Cupid – Shed My Skin

Boz Scaggs – Mixed Up Shook Up Girl

Dave Insley – Call me if you ever change your mind

Chris Whitely – To Joy

Two Gallants – Some Trouble

Bombino – Niamey Jam

Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women – Boss of Blues

Elliot Murphy – Hometown

Gil Scott – Heron – Waiting for the axe to fall

Gov’t Mule – Lay of the sunflower

Bonnie Raitt – Fearless Love

Magic Sam – All Your Love