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Il Popolo del Blues, scaletta di giovedì 25/06/2020

25 giugno 2020 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Delbert McClinton – Mr.Smith

Brain Filters – John the Revelator

Brain Filters – Man of Constant Sorrow

Giacomo Ferretti – Funky Shuffle

Sirocco Bros – Boneshaker

Marcus King – Say you will

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tightrope

Midnight Skyracers – Working Girl Blues

Code 81 – Smile Goodbye

Code 81 – Like a Virgin

Lucinda WIlliams – You Can’t Rule Me

The Fullertones -  Sheep Dogs

The Fullertones – I believe

Swamp Dogg – Billy

Ron Thompson – Just like a devil

Silvia Conti – L’incrocio del diavolo

Beppe Gambetta – Dove Tia O Vento

Bruce Breece – Bad Boy

The Third Mind – Claudia Cardinale

Cheyenne James – let’s go get stoned

Good Morning Mr. Blues – Easy Baby

Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die

James Hunter – I can change your mind