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Il Popolo del Blues – Scaletta di giovedì 26 gennaio 2023

27 gennaio 2023 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Ospiti Bruno Casini, Angelo Castiglione, Davide Rossi

Nick Moss band – lucky guy

Flavio Guimaraes – Crazy mixed up world

Blood Sweat and tears – I can’t quit her

Litfiba – Eroi nel vento

Michael Osborne – T.S. Boogie

The Partners in Crime – Muddy was so right

Kim Wilson – Your funeral and my trial

Guy Forsyth – The sweet alice blues

Anders Lewér – Rock this morning

Jonas Goransson – I love you so

Michael Kiwanuka – You ain’t the problem

David Crosby – She’s got to be somewhere

Ry Cooder – The Burgeois Blues

Ry Cooder – I Got Mine

Pitchtorch - Pitchtorch

Pitchtorch – Dear Old Seagull

Terzani / De Pascale / Altomare – Il treno dell’anima