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IL POPOLO DEL BLUES Scaletta di giovedì 28 marzo 2024

29 marzo 2024 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

The Cash Box Kings – Daddy Bear Blues

Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter – Cry for me baby

Steve Freund – Working Man

Robert Cray – My problem

Hillbilly Jazz – San Antonio Rose

The Electric Flag – Killing Floor

Cedric Burnside – Juke Joint

Antonio Lupo Lupi – Life on a canvas

Fabio Treves & Alex Gariazzo – Da studio blues ep. 9, live for Music Off

Elizabeth Wise – Beginning of the end

Rufus Thomas –Come on dance with me

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman

Gianni Massarutto – Call me baby

Kenny White – She’s coming on Saturday

Van  Morrison & Joey De Francesco – You are driving me crazy

Phil Guy & Dario Lombardo – Turning Point

De Pascale Terzani Altomare – Il treno dell’anima