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Il Popolo del Blues – scaletta di giovedì 16 maggio 2024

17 maggio 2024 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Ospite Vincent Vitale

Fabulous Thunderbirds – The hustle is on

Nico Duportal – Real rocking papa

Powerhouse – Bloodshot eyes

Freebo – If not now, when

Jono Manson  – Under The Stone

Cashbox Kings – I’m gonna get my baby / Flood

Rolling Stones – Mess it up

Bruce Ewan – Oopin Doopin Doopin

Vincent Vitale – sigla StillaFest

Home Cooking – My babe

Al Miller – I need you so bad

CCS – Boom boom

Victor Uris – Next time you see me

Hillbilly Jazz – San Antonio Rose

Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West – Stratosphere boogie

Ernesto De Pascale & London Underground – A new day yesterday

Doyle Bramhall – Chateau Strat

Free – Fire and water

Sven Zetterberg – She’s doing the Boogaloo

De Pascale/Terzani/Altomare – Il grande ritmo dei treni neri