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Il Popolo del Blues – scaletta di giovedì 2 maggio 2024

3 maggio 2024 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

The fabulous thunderbirds – The hustle is on

Greg Izor – Get my money

Nico Duportal – Real Rockin’ Papa

Steve Forbert – Miss the Mississippi and you

Victor Puertas e Luca Giordano – Nighttime boogie

Robert Cray – The things you do to me

Dario Lombardo & Phil Guy – Oh darling

Gentle Giant - The Advent of Panurge

CCS – Living in the past

Quatermass – Black sheep of the family

Big Sandy and the fly-rite boys – Jake’s barber shop

John Lee Hooker – Mr.Lucky

Blood shot eyes

Hillbilly Jazz – Take me back to tulsa

Steely Dan – Babylon sisters

Jono Manson – Gaslight

De Pascale Terzani Altomare – Il treno dell’anima