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Eric Sommer – Brooklyn Bolero

23 ottobre 2017 by Luca Lupoli in Dischi, Recensioni

(Clyde Is Thinking)

Eric Sommer is a talented folk musician with his own style. Blessed with a terrific breathless guitar playing, Sommer has been in contact with numerous and diverse musicians, from John Mayall to Steve Howe via Townes VanZandt, mostly gifted song writers, one-of-a-kind artists like Dr. John. Indeed, Sommer writes delicate guitar songs all along with meaningful texts, without necessarily looking for virtuosity. Although Sommer is a Boston-native, the overall result sounds closer to similar English than American artists because of any reference to Rock or Blues is here absent, the rhythm section is basically used to avoid that the guitar sound be too thin. Exception to this rule can partially be found in the first two songs – Red Dress and Cereal Song – and in the last one – Hold your hand. Those who have seen Sommer live, overwhelmed by his aggressive finger-picking and total guitar mastery, could be disappointed by this very intimated and mellow approach, but he is a kind of musician who can’t be cornered in a style or a formula and wish to express himself beyond the mere exercise of his guitar skills, that is a legitimate ambition.

Luca Lupoli



Red Dress

Cereal Song

Best Foot Forward

Doin’ Wrong

Cover My Soul

What A Day I Had

Death Ray Cataclysm

Hold Your Hand



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