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Il Popolo del Blues – Scaletta di giovedì 12 marzo 2020

13 marzo 2020 by Giulia Nuti in Programma radio

Ernesto De Pascale – Subway to the west country

James Hunter Six – I can change your mind

John Moreland – Love is not an answer

Terry Allen – Houdini didn’t like the Spirituals

Joan Shelley – The Fading

Native Harrow – Something You Have

Scirocco Bros – Knockin’ on Devil’s Door

John Prine e Mac Wiseman – Pistol Pakin Mama

Hollywood Fats Band – Rock This House

Little Walter – My Babe

Pitchtorch – Not On Sunday

Overa – E Allora Tango

Ron Thompson – Just Like a Devil

Little Charlie and the Nightcats – Eyes like a cat

Steve Earle – Baby’s just as mean as me

The Band – The Weight

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll be in Good Company

Songs of Our Native Daughters – Black Myself
Rhiannon Giddens e Francesco Turrisi – I’m On My Way
Chris Jagger – Dj Blues
Willie Dixon – Spoonful
William Clarke – Boogie Woogie Woman
Frank “Sugarchile” Robinson – Caldonia
T Bone Walker – Going To Chicago
Steely Dan – Josie
Bloomfield/Kooper – Albert’s Shuffle